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Phaidra’s Artificial Intelligence Platform


Industrial Control System for the 21st Century

Phaidra provides AI controls as a service. Our AI agents act as virtual plant operators configured to assist operations teams with meeting any single or set of particular objectives within mission critical facilities. These objectives can be interrelated or independent. As long as there is properly labeled input data and necessary control mechanisms to take actions within the facility environment, AI agents can optimize the control strategy to meet those objectives.

Operations leaders are often expected to improve productivity and efficiency - only so much can be done with equipment and PLC updates. With all the maintenance needs of these highly complex production environments, there also just isn’t enough time to constantly monitor and tweak a control strategy to improve efficiency without sacrificing productivity.


Intelligence is the ability to process and use information to make predictions about the way that the world might unfold around you. Once a prediction is made, you can use it to make an intervention…And that is, what these [Artificial Intelligence] models are actually doing: Learning from large amounts of past data to make predictions about how the future unfolds, then take actions based on those predictions, to try to intervene to adjust the course of some environment.

Mustafa Suleyman, (former) Co-Founder & Head of Applied AI - Deepmind, (current) Founder & CEO, Inflection AI

Meet Your Virtual Plant Operator


Phaidra’s AI agent is deployed to dynamically optimize a local control system, stabilizing key metrics like temperatures, pressures and flow rates, reducing the total energy consumption to achieve stability and providing insights to system behavior over time. The agent cannot make adjustments that are not allowed by local control and does not show up to any meetings but is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without breaks and without fatigue. It follows the rules established with perfect precision and consistently works towards achieving one or several objective functions.


Phaidra’s agents are deployed for Mission Critical Cooling optimization in several industries


Data Centers

  • Reduce cooling outage risk by enhancing plant stability

  • Unlock stranded power by reducing energy intensity

  • Minimize CapEx by right-sizing future facilities



  • Improve process stability by reducing temperature and pressure excursions

  • Dynamically improve control strategy with changing production schedules

  • Free up operators for more on-site maintenance


District Energy

  • Eliminate thermal SLA violations

  • Reduce excess equipment run-time

  • Digitize operational strategy to centralize command over many assets


Autonomous AI Controls at Merck: Mission Critical Cooling Optimization

Case Study: Learn more about the journey to full autonomous AI control deployment and the impacts that Virtual Plant Operators are having at Merck's largest manufacturing site.


Mission Critical Cooling is only the beginning

Mission Critical Cooling is only the beginning: Phaidra is expanding applications to also assist with…


Water conservation


Batch efficiency process


Power utilization


Design Enhancement


Maintenance supervision


Equipment commissioning

Phaidra’s AI platform can begin with mission critical cooling and expand to any industrial process to be optimized.


Phaidra’s AI agent embodies the blend of the meticulous attention to detail found in manual processes with the scalability and adaptability of advanced software…Phaidra’s technology symbolizes a new era in facility management — combining the precision of traditional methods with the efficiency and continual improvement offered by AI. This approach is Phaidra’s answer to evolving industrial automation, revolutionizing how facilities are managed with a system that not only adapts in real time but continuously learns and improves.

Yaniv Lusana & Will Chung, GS Futures


July 02, 2024Index Ventures

Index Ventures leads additional funding round for Phaidra

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