What if your industrial system could improve itself?
Phaidra creates AI-powered control systems that automatically learn, adapt, and get better over time.

Just as your Netflix recommendations improve with experience, so too will your industrial system.

Every single day.
Why Phaidra

Proven track record.
Measurable results.
No BS.

For all the hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), there are surprisingly few solutions in production.

Our team comes from Google DeepMind, the world's top AI institution. We know AI. More importantly, we have a public track record of applying AI to large industrial systems — safely and in production — for measurable impact.

For example, we reduced Google's data center cooling energy consumption by 40%. This isn't a proof-of-concept or pilot. It's a fully-integrated solution delivering tangible savings in multiple data centers on a 24/7 basis.

We value transparency and directness. No marketing hype. No exaggerated claims. Just production-quality AI solutions.

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Our technology

What we do

We create intelligent control systems that maximize the performance of large industrial facilities.

What does performance mean? Our customers currently use Phaidra to:
      - Improve energy efficiency and sustainability.
      - Increase plant safety and stability.
      - Maximize product quality and yield.

Why AI? Because most "low hanging fruit" to improve performance has already been implemented. At the same time, the rising scale and complexity of modern plants make it increasingly difficult to find further efficiencies.

This is where AI shines. Unlike traditional methods to improve performance, AI-based systems analyze massive amounts of sensor data for real-time insights and operational intelligence. Best of all, AI-based systems get better over time because they're constantly learning from and adapting to your facility.

Not all AI is created equal. Phaidra's AI solutions do not require additional hardware or software. We apply AI to your existing data to continuously optimize your industrial facilities. And of course, we bring our experience as one of the few teams that has implemented tangible AI solutions in mission-critical industries.


Company news

ACHEMA Spotlight on Phaidra

June 11, 2021

ACHEMA Spotlight on Phaidra: Turning physical infrastructure into intelligent systems

Phaidra Series Seed Raise

May 24, 2021

Phaidra raises more cash from Mark Cuban and others to build the future of industrial automation.

Finalists of the ACHEMA Start-up Award selected

April 13, 2021

Phaidra is one of ten start-ups who have made it to the finals of the ACHEMA Start-Up Award.

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