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Meet your Virtual Plant Operator

Phaidra provides artificial intelligence controls to optimize mission critical facilities. Our closed-loop AI control service helps your operations team deliver step function improvements in plant stability, energy efficiency and sustainability.

A cooling system piping and instrumentation diagram phaidra's team of HVAC experts use to understand customer constraints

Reduce Downtime Risk


Increase Energy Efficiency


Improve Productivity


Reduce CO2 Emissions

Static controls without AI need manual optimization, while Phaidra AI control improves performance continuosly through reinforcement learning

Continuous Improvement

Our AI-driven control systems automatically learn and get better over time. Unlike traditional control systems, which slowly degrade and require periodic programming updates.

Energy consumption of a cooling system is reduced while the AI Co-Pilot is on and returns to a less efficient state when off

Real-Time Optimization

A closed-loop, autonomous control system that integrates directly with your BAS/BMS and data historian. No new hardware required.

Phaidra AI Co-Pilots reduce operational risk by working within controls constraints and remaining vigilant 24/7

Enhance Safety & Stability

Human error is a leading cause of downtime. AI-driven controls operating 24/7 with no breaks and no fatigue reduces risk and enable the operations team to focus on other site needs.

AI Co-Pilot dashboards provide the operations team with full transparency on historical actions and future state predictions, offering a full in depth view of mission critical infrastructure operation

Full Transparency

Operators have access to see real-time and historical performance data. Observing past changes and future expectations helps operations teams deliver exceptional results


Substance over hype


Not all Artificial Intelligence is created equal. We use deep reinforcement learning for real-time controls and optimization. Our team has a track record of applying AI to some of the world's hardest challenges — like 30% energy savings at Google's data centers or beating the world's best Go players with AlphaGo.

Google's Data Centers

Watch Deepmind's 'Breakout'

Watch the AlphaGo Documentary

Read 'Kai-Fu Lee Interview'


Phaidra is a supervisory level artificial intelligence system for optimizing data center and other industrial controls


July 02, 2024Index Ventures

Index Ventures leads additional funding round for Phaidra

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